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Kremwerk Presents: NATASHA KMETO :: KATIE KATE :: Briana Marela :: Myani :: Dorsia

Fri, May 29, 2015 at 9pm

at Kremwerk
This event has passed.

Kremwerk presents of live vocal and electronic performances featuring:

Natasha Kmeto

Katie Kate

Briana Marela


Dorsia [DJ set]

+=+ Natasha Kmeto +=+
Natasha Kmeto is a Portland-based singer and electronic producer who turns heads everywhere she goes. Armed with a taut dancefloor sensibility and a flutteringly sensuous voice, she exudes the kind of confidence that can only come from a staunch commitment to her craft. Her tracks, which she composes, produces, and performs entirely by herself, straddle the line between dance, pop, and RnB, making rhythmically intriguing compositions that slide effortlessly into the ear and send shivers down the spine. Her energy, talent, and realization of the intricate coalesce into a truly visceral live show, moving both to the partygoer and the thinking person alike. Wherever her music goes, heavy breathing will follow.

Born into a musical family in California, Natasha began to develop her talents as an artist from a young age. It wasn’t until almost two decades later, on the verge of becoming a career session musician, that she took the wheel and broke out in a direction that truly inspired her. Her artistic growth has vastly accelerated since her arrival in Portland and alliance with hometown crew Dropping Gems, and she shows no sign of slowing down. The string of releases since this period showcase Natasha in her most self-realized form, dealing in matters of love, independence, and a re-affirmed outlook on life. She released her sophomore LP Crisis 6/18/13 on Dropping Gems to praise from many tastemakers including NPR, Pitchfork, Fader and Spin

+=+ Katie Kate +=+
Katie Kate is a force. A dark horse with an extensive classical background, she channels her quirky, emotive lyrics through the lenses of hip hop by blending the swagger, attitude, and rhythms with an undeniable pop aura. Her forthcoming album Nation, set for release August 5th, was the result of a four-month onslaught that progressed from the original beats into something more earnest, raw, and exposed. Refusing to retreat to more safe material, Kate instead chose to embrace the deeper elements, and developed material that is more honest, angry, and visceral than her previous release, yet still hallmarked with the accessibly and humor that made her earlier material shine. 

Hailing from a small farm in upstate New York, Kate moved to Seattle and earned her degree in classical piano from Cornish College of the Arts in 2009. Her first album, Flatland, was lauded as “one of the best offerings all year” (The Stranger) and “a stellar introduction to an exceptional multifaceted talent.” (KEXP). Now, with Nation, Kate refines the subtle rhythmic complexity and idiosyncratic production of Flatland into a bolder palette of emotional geography and musical complexity. Nation is where pop song style and filthy rap verses collide across the landscape of Americana. 

+=+ Briana Marela +=+
Briana Marela is a vocalist, composer, and sound conjurer from the Pacific Northwest. Marela stitches together bold melodies and lyrics filled with longing using max/MSP to achieve vocal looping, processing and sampling. Briana's aesthetic sensibility derives from many kindred spirits in her home state of Washington, but is woven with her own unique vision of both her intimate world — its homes, its people — and the world at large.

+=+ Myani +=+
Electronic Weirdo music with a wimmin loving narrative and soulful sound.

1809 Minor Ave
Seattle, WA


1809 Minor Ave
Seattle, Wa 98101